1. She Said

From the recording She Said

It's the same old thing The grass is always greener on the other side. but you still have to mow the lawn to make it nice!!!


She said, I'm going over to the other side oh yea. And I said ive been there too many times to know you can not hide from the truth. that pain and sorrow is gonna follow you oh yea. but I wish you the best of luck to find your way back home. ooooo ooooo yea. and i know she'll come back again this time oh yea. but this time im not gonna let her in with that game of sin that she knows. the door goes both ways but this time mine will stay closed cause I know who I am oooooo ooooooo The game of life you were my life but now I know that you got to go but I I feel so blue to know that you were never true and now I know what I have got to do so I'm headen to the future oh yea. cause now I know who I am.. Now I know who I am She said I'm going over to the other side.